Bubble Lined Mailer

  • Bubble Lined Mailers that offer secure, cost effective protection. These are an economical and lightweight Postal Bubble Bag.
  • Designed to accomodate most requirements from Small items such as jewelley and watches, to large or multi product mailings.
  • High slip bubble film for each of use. Lightweight constructions reduces the overall postage costs.
  • Ideal to send delicate items or anything that could get damaged in a normal envelope. We offer a variety of sizes of protective padded envelopes from small to large in order to ship your items securely.
  • Available in 10+ different sizes.
ReferenceInternal Size (mm)Suitable For
A/000110 x 165Jewellery & Watches
B/00120 x 215Cosmetrics, Phone Covers
C/0150 x 215Small Components
D/1180 x 265A5 Size items such as CD, DVD
E/2220 x 265Giftware, Paperback Books
F/3220 x 340Large Letter Size
G/4240 x 340A4 Size Items
H/5270 x 360Directories and Large Books
J/6300 x 445Clothing
K/7350 x 470A3 Size items
L460 x 680A2 Size items

Note: Given dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly from batch to batch.